Restaurant of antique tradition founded in 1868 by Antonino Ercolano, a seminarian,that learnt the art of cooking in the kitchen of the local archbishop’s palace.Later on, he transformed two rooms on the main road, “Corso Italia, into a tiny “Trattoria” and named it “La Favorita”. The place stated to be frequented by his friends and as per his past vocation of priesthood, Antonino gained the nickname of “‘oParrucchiano” , which stands for parish-priest in Neapolitan dialect.

Giuseppe Manniello

In the forties, Antonino ” ‘ O Parrucchiano “, who did not have any heirs, left the Trattoria to his young nephew, Giuseppe Manniello, the boy that lost his father at the tender age of 7 and since then grown up with his uncle. Giuseppe, to whom his uncle had taught all this secrets about cooking, improved the tiny Trattoria, enlarging and bringing it to a higher level and making it well-known though out the world.

From Art to Culture, from Sport to Business, in over its 100 years of life, many of World’s VIPs have been attempt by the culinary delights of The “La Favorita – ‘o Parrucchiano”, so that the Restaurant has been included in the exclusive “Association of Historical Places of Italy”.

In 1958 “The Academy of Italian Cooking” gave the title of “Excellent Kitchen” restaurant in “‘O Parrucchiano”. Since then it was a succession of hits, the best national newspapers and magazines (Money, Gourmet, The Morning, etc..), Speak English and German magazines of this restaurant that combines history, tradition and simplicity …

Every year thousands of tourists choose to sample the cuisine of “‘O Parrucchiano” and many return to Sorrento to get married and celebrate in a restaurant “Local History of Italy”.


O’Parrucchiano restaurant inform you that, the online reservations are suspended. It will be possible to reserve only by calling the following number +390818781321, (max 15 days before).